About Us


Radon Safe Northwest Ltd. is a locally owned radon measuring and mitigation company whose principal owner is certified by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) as well as an active member of The Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (CARST).

The principal owner is Ralph St. Jarre who along with his team has successfully either measured and mitigated over 100  properties in the Thunder Bay area with pre-mitigation measured readings as high as 7000 Bq/m3 to well below the Health Canada recommended level of 200 Bq/m3.

Our policy is to do everything possible to reduce the radon in your home to it’s lowest achievable level through quality assurance and quality control. For a no obligation estimate on measuring and/or mitigation email or phone us today.


Radon Safe is committed to helping their clients. Together, we will identify and manage each organization’s environmental, health & safety and built structure risks. We will provide high quality service based on the pillars of honesty, integrity and accountability.

We strive for excellence in all our business dealings and welcome feedback from our clients in support of our continuous improvement.

Radon Safe will play our part in protecting the natural environment around our workplace, at client sites, at home, and in the community at large. We will balance the needs of business with our commitment to environmental protection. Wherever practical, will make environmentally friendly choices in our services, purchasing practices, and day to day operations.


As nationally recognized Radon experts, Radon Safe helps hundreds of clients with removal systems. The most important step in reducing radon levels “as low as possible” (ALAP) is diagnostics. Every home and building is unique. No matter how high the radon levels are, or how complex your situation is, Radon Safe will always find the most effecient and cost-effective radon reduction system for you.

Our certified radon specialists will install the most effective and dependable radon removal systems in the industry today.


Through our values, we will achieve our goals and share success among all employees

  • Act with honesty, integrity and accountability

  • Deliver exemplary quality and service

Our dedication to delivering quality and client service is a cornerstone of our success. We will use our collective knowledge, experience and creativity to deliver projects that meet or exceed expectations.

  • Conduct ourselves with respect

We treat others with respect and trust. We work together as a team, share a common commitment and learn from each other.

  • Empower employees through professional development

  • Promote the health & safety of all employees

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy workplace and to the prevention of occupational illness and injury. We integrate health and safety practices into our business activities and will meet or exceed the requirements of applicable legislation.

  • Ensure corporate social responsibility

We are committed to protect and maintain the quality of our environment. We will apply the principles of sustainability to our work and through outreach in our communities we will maximize our contribution to the environment.

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