Radon Safe Northwest Inc

Radon Safe Northwest Ltd. is a certified radon gas measurement and radon gas mitigation provider located in Thunder Bay, servicing the city and surrounding areas. If you are concerned about potential high radon levels in your home, we can help with measuring and or mitigating your home.

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 Please contact us at (807) 626-3049 or email radonsafe@tbaytel.net  for an appointment or if you have any questions about radon gas.

ra·don (rā′dŏn)

n. Symbol Rn

A natural source of radiation found in most soils and groundwater,radon poses a serious health threat if inhaled. A colorless, odorless,radioactive, inert gaseous element that is formed by the radioactivedecay of radium. Atomic number 86;

who we are

Radon Safe Northwest Ltd. is a locally owned radon measuring and mitigation company whose principal owner is certified by the Canadian National Radon Proficiency Program (C-NRPP) http://c-nrpp.ca as well as an active member of The Canadian Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (CARST). www.carst.ca

The principal owner is Ralph St. Jarre who along with his team has successfully mitigated properties in the Thunder Bay area with pre-mitigation measured readings as high as 7000 Bq/m3 to well below the Health Canada recommended level of 200 Bq/m3.

Our policy is to do everything possible to reduce the radon in your home to it’s lowest achievable level through quality assurance and quality control. For a no obligation estimate on measuring and/or mitigation email or phone us today.

what is radon gas?

Radon is a radioactive gas that is formed naturally by the breakdown of uranium in soil, rock and water. As a gas, radon is slowly released from the ground, water, and some building materials that contain very small amounts of uranium, such as concrete, bricks, tiles and gyproc. Radon gas breaks down further to form additional radioactive particles called radon daughters, or “progeny” that can be breathed into the lungs.

measuring radon gas

The 2 most common types of radon detectors used for testing houses are short term and long term detectors. The short term detectors can be used for a period of 2-7 days, the long term detectors can be used for a period of 3-12 months. Since the radon concentration inside a house varies over time, measurements gathered over a longer period of time will give a more accurate indication of the radon level in a house. Health Canada recommends that houses be tested for a minimum of 3 months, ideally between September and April when windows and doors are typically kept closed

Short-Term Detector

Radon Safe Northwest Ltd. uses a Corentium Pro continuous radon monitor for short-term readings. They provide an accurate hourly reading and are certified by C-NRPP. Our price for this report is $200 plus HST

Long-Term Detector

Radon Safe Northwest Ltd. can provide the AccuStar AT-100 Alpha Track test kit which can be used for radon testing from 91 days to one year. The kit includes the test device, instructions and laboratory analysis.Results can be checked on-line.Our price for this test kit is $45 plus HST. No returns are accepted for this item.

mitigating radon gas?

Any home that tests above the recommended guideline
needs proper mitigation to reduce your family’s risk. Hire a certified radon professional to determine the best and most cost effective way to reduce the radon level in your home. With proper mitigation, a homeowner can reduce their radon level by over 90%. Increasing ventilation and sealing major entry routes will also help reduce radon levels but their effectiveness will be limited depending on how high the radon level is and the unique characteristics of each home.


“I was very pleased that Ralph was willing to work with me to design an unobtrusive yet highly effective sub slab depressurization system that took into account the unique challenges presented by our house.  He, along with his helper, arrived as scheduled to install the system and left a clean work area and sturdy, operational fan/pipe assembly.  Post-installation tests show a significant reduction of radon levels in our basement.  I would highly recommend Radon Safe Northwest for both radon testing and mitigation in the Thunder Bay area.”

– J.S. (September 2017)

“ After finding out we had a high radon reading, we started to avoid spending any time in the basement. Radon Safe Northwest installed a sump dome, as well as, fan system. Our reading dropped to 120 Bq/m3, well below Health Canada’s recommendation. We couldn’t be more thankful.”

H.C. June 2017

Ralph provided excellent service from start to finish.  Cost was exactly as quoted and Ralph provided numerous follow-ups to ensure the job was done successfully.  DV January 2018

As a home owner and renovator I was impressed with the dedication of Radon Safe Northwest Limited to making the installation of my Radon removal system function perfectly and look good in an awkward basement space. My basement is now safe and sweet smelling. This team has a warm, personal approach and professional dedication. BR April 2018

Radon Safe Northwest Ltd. helped alleviate all of our concerns by answering all of our questions about radon and how to mitigate it. Ralph was able to give us quote and complete the job in very a reasonable time frame. Radon Safe Northwest was very helpful, quick, clean and efficient. They showed great concern in making our home safe.

D.W. April 2018

We spoke of our radon experience with our neighbours and friends and we were shocked at their unwillingness to have their home tested or even acknowledge that radon gas could be a problem. Some felt that a negative test would reduce the value of their home and it is better to not have a documented test result to protect the resale value of their home.  I don’t understand this kind of thinking as a home tested and mitigated is likely to have a higher resale value than one that is an unknown.  The health benefits of a mitigated home are likely long term. I don’t know this for sure, but it seems that it takes several years to develop lung cancer and thus people think it wouldn’t happen to them because there is no immediate health issue.  However, I feel that the mitigation will pay off in the long run as one gets into the retirement age where it will likely result in a healthier retirement and thus more enjoyable.  My wife and I are very active and we value good health and we want to be active in our golden years too.  Anything that helps us get there is worth the effort.  Our contractor was, Radon Safe Northwest Ltd., Ralph St. Jarre, 626-3049, radonsafe@tbaytel.net.  I would recommend Ralph to anyone who is considering radon mitigation work. 

RS  Sept.2018




Radon Dome


$175+ HST

The Original Radon – sump dome is designed to fit over an 18″ square or 24″ diameter sump pit to prevent radon gas from entering the home through the sump pit. The sealed lid will help reduce radon gas as well as other gas infiltration.

Shipping Dimensions: 28.5 H x 28.0 W x 5.0 D
Shipping Weight: 12.0 lbs






  • Easy to install
  • Fits over existing sump pits up to 18″ square or 24″ diameter
  • Made from rugged structural polyethylene
  • Radon gas and odor tight
  • Heavy-duty and child safe
  • Adaptable with a variety of spaces for different connections
  • Equipped with a full range of flanges that fit every size pipe
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made in the USA

Short-term Radon Testing
We provide 48-hour testing for new home construction requirements as well as for anyone who is curious about any existing radon levels in their home. A continuous radon monitor will provide an hourly report regarding the radon levels at that time.